I Need A Reason for Boston

by Victoria C. Anderson

I didn’t really want to write a blog post about the events surrounding the Boston Marathon. I probably shouldn’t. I’ve got no ownership of the tragedy; I don’t live in Boston, I might run a marathon, eventually, but that’s a hazy sort of dream at the moment. My dad is going to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon next year, and I admire that. But I didn’t lose anything, I’m sure I have no clue what the people of Boston are going through right now, mentally. I’m also no expert on crime or terrorism or safety. So what on earth could I possibly have to contribute to the subject? Not much.

And yet, I feel like it would be disrespectful, somehow, to write the post that I had planned for today, considering what’s going on.
I do have a couple of things to say: Like so many other people, my thoughts are with the people of Boston today. I hope that no one else gets hurt. I hope that things come to a peaceful and just conclusion before too much time has passed.
I also have to say, selfishly, that I hope that at least one suspect is captured unharmed, or at least alive. Because the thing that continues to prey on my mind is the fact that we have no idea why so many people were hurt, why those people died. I want to know why those boys (and it feels odd saying it but it’s true, those boys are younger than I am) did what they did.
I’ve been told that the bombs that they placed were designed not to kill, but to maim legs. I don’t know if that’s true. But if it is – it’s sick, what that implies. To go after the legs of a bunch of people running a marathon – that’s almost worse than aiming to kill. I’m not sure if it is. Like chopping off a writer’s hands… I don’t want to think about it. And that’s not for sure anyway. Just speculation.
But I want to know why. I want there to be a reason, any reason. Not a good one, because there can’t be good reason, not for this, but a reason. Bad, stupid, fanatic, any reason. Because without a reason, my mind is going to assume that they enjoyed it, and that’s why they did it.
And a world where people kill for no reason at all is a very scary kind of world to be living in.