5 Goals for 2013

by Victoria C. Anderson

1. Get Married. Yes, by the end of this year, I will be Victoria C. H. Anderson instead of Victoria C. Hughes. You can thank Dave for that one. But I really want this to go off without a hitch, and planning a real wedding instead of eloping is a lot of work. So there’s one slot in the goals gone.

2. Continue to work on my novel every day. I can’t say that I’ll be finished by the end of the year, because who knows how longs these things take, especially the first time around. But I’m definitely going to keep at it, every single day.

3. Commit to and follow an exercise routine for an entire year. I can’t say that I want to lose weight, but being in better shape would be nice, and I have a bad habit of dropping exercise routines after as little as a week. Hopefully a little yoga every morning is something that I can keep going, unlike running or biking.

4. Blog a couple times a week, and in the process figure out what I actually want to blog about. That’s what this blog is for! Hopefully sometime this year I’ll be able to change the tag line of this blog to something other “Focus to be Determined.”

5. Keep my apartment clean. If I can just take 15 minutes a day, and keep the apartment clean, I will be a happy, happy Victoria. I don’t know if it will really take that long per day – it may be more or less, but I need to stay on top of maintenance chores like laundry and dishes so I don’t feel like I’m getting buried in mess on a daily basis.