10 Things I’m Glad I Did This Year

by Victoria C. Anderson

1. Graduated from college a year early. Student loans are bad enough without an extra year to pay on them. And plus I have so much more free time.

2. Went to WindyCon for the first time. This reassured me that I wasn’t the only sane-and-yet-insane lover of sci-fi out there, and also that my writing was readable and enjoyable.

3. Reached out to people to talk things out instead of just writing in a journal and fuming. Talking – not yelling – is a much more efficient way of dealing with problems than just hoping that things will change.

4. Reached out to the people that we hired at work. I never would have known what awesome people I was working with if I hadn’t had the courage to make conversation beyond teaching them, and even act a little silly sometimes.

5. Stuck with my job. Even though I’d like to write all day long, a steady paycheck and a job that stays at work is really nice to have. And plus, my bosses do make me feel appreciated.

6. Went to that Behemoth concert with Dave. Even if the fans were a little rough, it was definitely an experience, and Dave obviously loved it. Completely worth every moment that made me think I was going to be trampled to death. 🙂

7. Went with my gut instinct and bought Dave that Beer & Bacon tasting. And this one isn’t just because Dave was happy, either. That was some super-quality beer and bacon.

8. Re-read the Fountainhead. Reading it as a mature adult released me from a couple of hangups I’d had on it – when I was younger I wanted so badly to be exactly what Ayn Rand’s characters were, and I was always disappointed that I couldn’t seem to be that perfect. Reading it again, I realized that no one can be that perfect, and stopped getting so down when I wasn’t.

9. Kept going with my novel. My progress may have been variable throughout the year, but I never gave up, and that’s a really good feeling. (Sidenote: I’ve been working on this novel for over a year now. Maybe close to two. I haven’t been keeping track. Wow.)

10. Moved in with Dave. Not to be sappy, but it’s so comforting to live with someone who loves you and supports you, and makes home a place you like coming home to. Much better than either an empty apartment, or any roommates that I’ve ever had.