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Month: January, 2013

My Morning Routine

A couple of days ago I took my love of lists and organizing a bit farther than usual – and actually wrote out a list of everything I need to do in the morning, in the order in which I ought to do them for maximum efficiency. Because I am all about efficiency.

Also, I’m never really sure how anyone can wake up five minutes before they have to leave for class, or work, or whatever. It doesn’t work. I need that first five minutes to really wake up, and then there’s so many things that you have to do to be really ready for the day ahead, especially when you occasionally like to wear makeup. But it’s also not just about primping and cleansing and all of that. There’s a good amount of business that goes on in here before I ever run (walk purposefully) out the door. As you’ll soon see.

To begin, I wake up at either 6 or 6:30 on weekdays and 8 (mostly) on the weekends. After waking, in order, I:

1. Drink a half glass of water on the couch in the living room as I wake up.
(I’m trying to drink more water after coming to the realization that I’m usually half-dehydrated. Plus, water tastes so good first thing in the morning.)

2. Do 10 minutes or 45 minutes of Yoga.
(This is less for the calming effects of yoga, and more because it’s exercise I can do quietly, in the comfort of my own home, without anyone have to see me sweat and gasp and occasionally screw up. I do that a lot. Especially on balances.)

3. Start coffee.
(So it will be ready when I finish showering and cleaning up.)

4. Morning Cleansing.
(Meaning all the stuff I have to do in the bathroom. List to follow.)

  • Put in contacts.
  • Brush teeth.
  • Shower or wash face if I’m not taking a shower that morning.
  • Do my hair. (This is easy, since my hair is boy-short.)
  • Moisturize my face. (By this point it’s starting to get all dried out from showering/washing my face.)
  • Put on Deodorant.
  • Put on make-up if desired. (No, I don’t always wear make-up.)
  • Wash and moisturize hands. (Otherwise they’ll get cracked.)

6. Change out of robe and into clothes.

7. Prepare breakfast.
(Lately this has been vanilla yogurt and granola. Yum!)

Then, while I’m eating my delicious breakfast and drinking coffee, I:

8. Process my inboxes. This includes:

  • notebook
  • email
  • physical inbox on my desk

9. Review today’s schedule.
(This is usually the same. But it’s nice to know that if something had changed, I would be reminded of it here.)

10. Review To Do Lists.
(A reminder of things that I’ve been meaning to do.)

11. Decide on 3-5 Most Important Tasks.
(3 on weekdays, 4-5 on weekends. I borrow the idea of Most Important Tasks (MITs) from ZenHabits, which you should check out. One of my MITs is ALWAYS working on my novel for an hour.)

12. Update my budget to include any money I spent in the last 24 hours.

13. Work on my first MIT until 7:55am.

14. Pack my bag for work and leave for the day.
(Of course, I don’t stop working at 7:55 and pack my bag for work on weekends. On weekends I just keep working until I finish! Exhilirating.)

I always like to hear how other people plan their days, or plan anything in general, or don’t plan things at all. So definitely feel free to let me know how you get yourself ready in the morning!
(Or, you know, that you think I’m crazy for planning out my mornings so specifically. That’s fine too.)

5 Goals for 2013

1. Get Married. Yes, by the end of this year, I will be Victoria C. H. Anderson instead of Victoria C. Hughes. You can thank Dave for that one. But I really want this to go off without a hitch, and planning a real wedding instead of eloping is a lot of work. So there’s one slot in the goals gone.

2. Continue to work on my novel every day. I can’t say that I’ll be finished by the end of the year, because who knows how longs these things take, especially the first time around. But I’m definitely going to keep at it, every single day.

3. Commit to and follow an exercise routine for an entire year. I can’t say that I want to lose weight, but being in better shape would be nice, and I have a bad habit of dropping exercise routines after as little as a week. Hopefully a little yoga every morning is something that I can keep going, unlike running or biking.

4. Blog a couple times a week, and in the process figure out what I actually want to blog about. That’s what this blog is for! Hopefully sometime this year I’ll be able to change the tag line of this blog to something other “Focus to be Determined.”

5. Keep my apartment clean. If I can just take 15 minutes a day, and keep the apartment clean, I will be a happy, happy Victoria. I don’t know if it will really take that long per day – it may be more or less, but I need to stay on top of maintenance chores like laundry and dishes so I don’t feel like I’m getting buried in mess on a daily basis. 

10 Things I’m Glad I Did This Year

1. Graduated from college a year early. Student loans are bad enough without an extra year to pay on them. And plus I have so much more free time.

2. Went to WindyCon for the first time. This reassured me that I wasn’t the only sane-and-yet-insane lover of sci-fi out there, and also that my writing was readable and enjoyable.

3. Reached out to people to talk things out instead of just writing in a journal and fuming. Talking – not yelling – is a much more efficient way of dealing with problems than just hoping that things will change.

4. Reached out to the people that we hired at work. I never would have known what awesome people I was working with if I hadn’t had the courage to make conversation beyond teaching them, and even act a little silly sometimes.

5. Stuck with my job. Even though I’d like to write all day long, a steady paycheck and a job that stays at work is really nice to have. And plus, my bosses do make me feel appreciated.

6. Went to that Behemoth concert with Dave. Even if the fans were a little rough, it was definitely an experience, and Dave obviously loved it. Completely worth every moment that made me think I was going to be trampled to death. 🙂

7. Went with my gut instinct and bought Dave that Beer & Bacon tasting. And this one isn’t just because Dave was happy, either. That was some super-quality beer and bacon.

8. Re-read the Fountainhead. Reading it as a mature adult released me from a couple of hangups I’d had on it – when I was younger I wanted so badly to be exactly what Ayn Rand’s characters were, and I was always disappointed that I couldn’t seem to be that perfect. Reading it again, I realized that no one can be that perfect, and stopped getting so down when I wasn’t.

9. Kept going with my novel. My progress may have been variable throughout the year, but I never gave up, and that’s a really good feeling. (Sidenote: I’ve been working on this novel for over a year now. Maybe close to two. I haven’t been keeping track. Wow.)

10. Moved in with Dave. Not to be sappy, but it’s so comforting to live with someone who loves you and supports you, and makes home a place you like coming home to. Much better than either an empty apartment, or any roommates that I’ve ever had.